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Brothers share stories of addiction at NDSU lecture

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FARGO—"Tough love."

That's what a local mother calls her decision to put her two sons in jail who were addicted to heroin and opioids.

On the outside it looks like a normal classroom lecture, but on Wednesday the "opioid crisis" got personal.

NDSU School of Nursing gathered the faces of law enforcement, health care professionals, and families who live with the epidemic firsthand.

For one mom, Mary Locken, the faces of "opioid crisis" were two of the people she loves the most.

"That tough love in our family situation was extremely beneficial as we stand here today," said Mary Locken, mom of son's battling drug addiction.

It began when her two sons' drug addiction escalated to a dangerous level.

"I would use any opioid I could get my hands on. And like I said, it completely changed my life and I had no idea when I started," said Nicholas Horski, son.

When normal parenting punishment wasn't enough, she took "tough love" to a new level.

"I called the police, and when Nick was in a stage where he was overdosing on a regular basis, I begged for him to be incarcerated," said Locken.

After jail time both are now sober and in rehabilitation.

The clarity encouraging them to share their experiences with NDSU nursing and pharmacy students who are about to graduate.

"People that are going to be treating it, the nurses and whatnot, they need to see the entire gambit. And from there, I hope they can use our stories to, I don't know, do their job better," said Joseph Horski, son.

Students say, seeing the faces on this issue is encouraging them to help make change.

"It's very inspiring to know that I can have an impact on these people, and I can help them and really put an effort forward to help them realize their problem," said Jessica Kindseth, NDSU Nursing Student.

These seniors plan to help battle the issue this May, within our community.

More than 50 students attended.

Their teacher says she plans to incorporate it again and possibly expand it next year.