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Motorist gets stuck after going around construction barricade in Moorhead, nearly getting struck by train

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MOORHEAD – A motorist was nearly struck by an oncoming train Thursday evening, Nov. 9 after going around a construction barricade and getting stuck in a nearby ditch.

The incident occurred shortly after 9:30 p.m. in south Moorhead at the intersection of 20th Street and Main Avenue.

Sgt. Ryan Nelson said the driver was eastbound on Main Avenue when he drove around a barricade set up for railroad construction. He proceeded to drive onto the boulevard before ending up in a ditch along the tracks that crews were working on at the time.

An oncoming train was about 70 yards away from passing through the intersection when the car initially got stuck, Nelson said.

“It came within a couple feet” of impact, Nelson said. “It could’ve ended up in a collision with the train...and it put workers in danger.”

The driver was cited for inattentive and careless driving, Nelson said, adding that the driver and passenger were not injured or impaired.