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Police close investigation into report of man in bunny ears luring kids

GRAND FORKS -- Grand Forks Police are closing an investigation into reports of man in bunny ears attempting to lure children into a van after multiple alleged sightings led them nowhere but down a rabbit hole.

Officers were dispatched about 7:30 p.m. May 10, after a report that a man in a bunny costume asked kids "if they wanted to pet a bunny he had in his van."

Police pursued the case and eventually tracked down a 1980s model van matching the description of the vehicle involved in the incident, but after speaking with the owner they are not considering he or she a suspect in the incident.

"There have been no similar incidents reported, and investigators have been unable to find any corroborating evidence or other witnesses to the incident," Grand Forks Police said in a press release Tuesday.

Detectives were quick to hop on any tips regarding the bunny van, but nothing panned out, according to Lt. Brett Johnson.

The incident had only one witness: an 8-year-old child, Johnson said.

Police will continue to take tips regarding the investigation, but have declared the case inactive while awaiting new information.