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Cow escapes clutches of slaughterhouse, flees to nearby island

Source: Pawel Kukiz/Facebook

POLAND -- A cow in Poland is now free after making a brave escape from it's slaughterhouse.

According to a report by The Independant, the cow broke free last month after refusing to be killed for meat.

The report says it rammed into metal fencing inside the slaughterhouse before breaking out and running towards Lake Nysa in South Poland.

Slaughterhouse workers attmepted to bring the cow back to the farm, but the cow ended up breaking one of the workers arms.

The cow then swam to one of the middle islands of the lake.

The owner of the slaughterhouse gave up trying to bring the cow back after a week and simply made sure it's fed enough to stay alive.

The cow was living alone on the island and acting violent toward anyone that comes near.

At one point, firefighters went out on a boat to try and bring in the cow, but it ended up swimming to a nearby peninsula.

A veterinarian attempted to tranquilise the animal but ran out of gas cartridges.

The farmer considered shooting the cow, but a Polish political leader started a campaign to save the cow.

The politican, Pawel Kukiz, said he offered to pay for the cow and that because of it's repeated succesful escapes it deserves retirement.