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Closing business and slowing traffic, this winter storm had a big impact

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FARGO—Just about everyone fell victim to the weather Monday; both little cars and big buses.

Taking a look at the streets in the Fargo/Moorhead area it looks more like slush than road, but it's these warmer than usual conditions that created a layer of ice, snow and slush that not even some of the most heavy-duty vehicles can handle.

It's your typical Midwest weather, but it wasn't your usual commute.

"It's really just a ice skating rink, the tires just can't get any grip," said Matt Peterson, MatBus.

Peterson, says this is the first time all year, the shop bus was called to the rescue to get stuck buses out of the slushy mess.

"I just knew if was going to be a difficult day," said Peterson.

Seven buses were hauled out Monday morning.

Finally, public transit called it quits closing down all routes by 11:15 a.m.

"The difficult part about transit is, we want to be as dependable and reliable as possible," said Peterson.

Bus drivers aren't alone, in the state of Minnesota, by 10:00 Monday morning, there were 65 crashes and 77 spinouts; drivers in the metro hope they're not next.

"It's pretty slick, pretty slow and slushy. You just gotta slow down and take your time," said David Clements, Driver.

Others say the hardest part wasn't actually being on the road at all, but just leaving the house.

"I have a company car, and I may have buried my car in the parking lot. I grabbed my truck, 4-wheel-drive. That was the only way I made it to work today," said Tyler Schmidt, Driver.

The snow has caused plenty of headaches.

"I kicked it into two-wheel drive to see how things would work, there is nothing but donuts in 2-wheel-drive," said Schmidt.

Fargo Streets say they've covered all of the main roads and expect to plow all the residential neighborhoods by Tuesday morning.