Weather Talk: Iowa pileup reveals driving in snow is dangerous


An estimated 50 to 70 cars, buses and trucks were involved in a deadly pileup during a snowstorm Monday, Feb. 5, on Interstate 35 just outside of Ames, Iowa.

Heavy snow was falling in a light wind with a temperature of around 10 degrees. Frightening video captured by Iowa Department of Transportation highway camera reveals the initial crash was caused by cars traveling too fast for the icy conditions and poor visibility.

The freeway was busy, and a steady stream of vehicles plowed into the initial crash, unable to slow down in time. A great many more vehicles were able to slow down, but were rear-ended by other, faster vehicles and became involved.

The storm was well forecast by the National Weather Service and media. However, the incident should remind people that roadways are not as safe during snowstorms. Even if you are driving safely, others on the road might not be and could involve you in a crash.