Fraser Limited to give a warm place to stay for young adults


FARGO -- Homeless teens and young adults will soon have a new safe haven from our dangerous sub zero winters.

Kyrene's day began in the laundry room, she says she lives in an apartment where laundry is often stolen.
Fraser is giving her a secure place to finish the day to day chores, while also helping her transition to an independent adult life.

"I look back at it now and it's like I'm glad that I found this place to be, because it's very resourceful. You don't find places like this in any other state or any other place. It's very hard to find resources in general," said Kyrene Becker, Fraser Limited patient.

As the temps plummet she worries about her friends here, who don't have a set of walls to block the biting winds.

"They're in more of a homeless situation than I am... It bothers me to know how many people can be out here freezing...It's extremely cold out. So to have anybody stay out in that weather is kind of death related," said Becker.

For the first time ever Fraser plans on providing overnight stays for people ages 16 through 26, starting on January 2nd.

"Folks are able to get out of this sub zero tempurature and have a place to sleep, get some food, take a shower, do some laundry, get thenmselves gathered up so they're ready to tackle the next day," said Fraser Limitd Administrator Amy Tichy.

Opening these doors for the winter costs about $30,000, made possible by a generous community.

"Take a look at our specific community. You're going to find that, yes, the community gets behind their non-profits and it makes a huge difference," said Fraser Limited CEO Sandra Leyland.

With decades of experience.

"I've done it for 30 years," Leyland said.

The people they serve are grateful for a second chance..

Administrators say hours for overnight stays will go from 10:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.
While providing a temporary roof, Fraser also helps struggling youth find jobs and get permanent housing.