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Emergency Crews figuring out ways to work around construction projects affecting typical commutes

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - We're all learning how major construction projects are affecting our daily commute, but what about emergency crews that rely on major arteries to get on scene quickly?

Fargo's Fire trucks have been moved to different stations, making sure trucks are on both sides of the city.

Responders are also relying on GPS and Red River dispatch, to help crews get around construction more quickly.

The DOT and the city give responders plenty of heads up, meeting frequently to update road projects.

But it's the backup units getting snagged by the congestion.

Ryan Viergutz/Fargo Fire Department: "those apparatus that maybe would be 2-3 minutes behind those initial responding units, it may add a minute or 2 because instead of going down 25th street they may have to go over to the interstate or over to university and head north or south that way."

Viergutz says the Fire Department has received overhead maps of the projects from DOT, allowing it to pre-plan emergency routes until construction is over.

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