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North Carolina thief busted dragging stolen safe behind car

Police say a man stole an entire safe from a North Carolina pharmacy and dragged it behind his car in an attempt to acquire its contents. 2 / 3
Police say Ryan Mullins was stopped after he stole a safe and drug it behind his car. 3 / 3

Swansboro, NC (CNN) - A would-be thief is under arrest after police catch him dragging a pharmacy's safe behind his car. The thief believed that by dragging it along the road it would eventually open. Instead, he got dragged into jail.

Police say Ryan Mullins is behind the wheel of a car dragging a safe tied with a rope, and that's a Swansboro Police officer he passes right by, capturing the bizarre incident all in his police's dash cam.

The officer follows him for a short while with the safe bouncing along the road before Mullins pulls over. Another officer, who arrived, couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Dwayne Taylor - Swansboro Police: "I had the same thing when I pulled up on the scene. I was like, you have got to be kidding me."

The incident all started at Family Care Pharmacy in Swansboro. An employee at the doctor's office next door phoned 911 after she saw something suspicious in their shared parking lot.

Shawna McCarthy - Swansboro Family Care: "Kinda parked over here, and it looked like he was leaving because I sat in my car for a little bit, and then I proceeded to go into the building, still kinda keeping an eye on it, and then I started noticing he tried to put a safe, a very large safe into the back of his trunk, when he could not do so, he started to tie it to his bumper so he could drag it out of our parking lot."

Everyone we spoke to, even officials, say there must not have been very much thought put into this criminal act.

Michael Littlejohn - Hubert, NC Resident: "Stupidity. He stole something, so he wasn't that bright to begin with, but to drag it down the road, now that doesn't take much now does it?"

Officials say Mullins has a criminal history involving drug-related offenses, and they think he was trying to get controlled substances in the safe.

Dwayne Taylor: "Right now I think the big thing is the substance abuse with prescription medication and they're trying anything they can to get a hold of them, they'll do anything. Right there's a sign, you'll break into a pharmacy, you'll go somewhere and get a prescription, scope it out, case it, and then try to come back later and see what you can get."