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Texas town on the lookout for 'Beer Bandit'

A Texas town is on the lookout for a 'Beer Bandit.' The thief is accused of entering homes in the town and stealing beer and vandalizing property. Authorities believe the Beer Bandit is connected to similar crimes last summer. 2 / 2

Friendswood, TX (CNN) - A beer burglar seems to be on the prowl in a Texas town. Police say the suspect is breaking into garages and stealing some alcoholic beverages.

Greg Shell – Had Beer Stolen: "Are they that desperate for beer?"

Greg Shell realized Monday morning that someone had gone into his garage overnight and stolen about eight beers out of his fridge.

Greg Shell: "The beer is irrelevant at this point.  It's the fact that someone is in my area when they shouldn't be."

It has Shell and his family a little on edge, and the Friendswood Police say they aren't alone. It's happened to several people around town, including a home on Oak Hollow Drive and a couple of homes on Martina. Burglars walked through the gate and into the family's garage.

The thieves are going straight for the refrigerators, and it appears they're only after one thing: alcohol. One family had several cases stolen. The same crime happened last summer; more than a half dozen homes were hit by the beer burglar. One homeowner even had his car vandalized and another family had their garbage cans set on fire.

That's why residents and police are taking this recent round of thefts seriously.  They hope it doesn't lead to something worse.

Greg Shell: "Yeah, what’s next?  He's gonna come into my house? Then there will be some issues. "