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North Carolina McDonald's serves woman bun marked with swastika

A North Carolina woman says she was served a bun from McDonald's with a swastika burned into it. 2 / 2

Morehead City, NC (CNN) - A North Carolina county mother says she found a Nazi symbol etched in butter on her McDonalds chicken sandwich.

A McDonald’s drive-through, it’s a quick choice for food. Where your order is typically the same no matter which location you go to...

Charleigh Matice – Customer: "I ordered a southern style chicken for myself and a happy meal for my daughter."

But for Charliegh Matice, a Morehead City McDonald's drive through didn't hand her the order she expected.

Charleigh Matice: "I went to put mayonnaise on my sandwich and that's when I noticed it."

She says a swastika had been burned onto the bun of her chicken sandwich with butter.

Charleigh Matice: "Is this a joke does somebody really think they're funny?"

This anti-Semitic symbol was used by the Nazi Party in Germany during the holocaust. Her grandfather had fought in World War II.

Charleigh Matice: "Many, many people died because of that symbol and it’s not something that should be taken lightly and it’s not something that should be thrown around."

She says when she went inside employees offered to replace it.

Charleigh Matice: "I really didn't have an appetite at that point so I said I rather have my money back.

Matice says even with the money she didn't feel satisfied. She wants the incident addressed at a larger scale.  

Charleigh Matice: "Maybe it needs to be part of training maybe brought up more often so that people know that this is not okay.”

The McDonald’s store manager was asked about the incident and redirected questions to corporate, who then sent us an email with a statement from the local owner saying the employee had been fired."

A decision Matice is happy with.

Charleigh Matice: "I'm a loyal customer and that's why I don't want people like that representing them."

Because she think it’s important to coexist.