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Strange crop art leaves flyers scratching their heads

A crop art design was placed in a field by Spirit Airlines to promote their "bare fares." 2 / 2

Kansas City, MO (CNN) - What better way to advertise your airline than by getting people on other airlines talking. Spirit Airlines figured out a way to get fliers looking out that small window to take notice.

People gave their opinions on the image.

Jaydon Piburn – Traveler: "Uh, don't go to the bathroom in a field?"

Traveler: "It appears to be somebody who needs to go to the bathroom."

Amber Frisbee – Traveler: "Because when we're landing everybody wants to rush to the bathroom when we get off the airplane."

The man cut into the crops does bear a resemblance to the guy on the restroom signs. But he's not crossing his legs. He's covering up – A symbol of Spirit's bare fares.

Joanna Brown – Traveler: "Hahaha. So it's a naked person."

Reporter: "I guess so."

Joanna Brown: "Alright."

The airline offers an a la carte plan that cuts out built in costs for baggage and on-board beverages. That's why there's a backpack - no, it's not a pet carrier - because small and under the seat is the only carry-on they offer for free. The logo cropped up on the airline's website in May, but it's the first time the company's used it in actual crops.

David Byrd - Traveler: "I think it's creative. I'm not sure everyone is going to get it. I certainly didn't."

Spirit Airlines says even after paying an artist to design the crop art, it was still cheaper than traditional advertising on TV, newspaper and online. Spirit starts it service at Kansas City International airport next month.