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Buzz Kill: Spokane's first legal marijuana buyer loses job

Mike Boyer spent nearly 24 hours camping out to be the first recreational marijuana customer in Spokane, WA. He was fired shortly after a television news story showed him buying marijuana because of a complaint to his employer. 2 / 2

Spokane, WA (CNN) - Marijuana is legal to buy and use in Washington, but employers can still fire you for using pot. Just ask the man who claims to be among the first in the state to buy it - he says the publicity cost him his job.

Mike Boyer – Marijuana Buyer: “Somebody come down and be number two.”

Mike Boyer showed up almost a full day before you could buy pot from a store in north Spokane.

Mike Boyer: “Thank you... Yeah!”

Almost 20 hours later he walked through the Spokane Green Leaf's doors as their first customer. Mike returned back home with his weed and enjoyed his first smoke; now OK in the state of Washington because of I-502.

Mike Boyer: “As of 2:30 today, I am unemployed from that company.”

But Boyer found out someone saw him on TV and complained to his employer. He says his boss at Labor Ready sent him a text message asking him to take a drug test. Boyer says took the test today and failed it.

Mike Boyer: “It's something we're going to need to figure out with this whole legalization, where's going to be the grey line?”

Now that marijuana is legal in the state, Boyer believes businesses should treat employees using weed on a case-by-case basis.

Mike Boyer: “Just because I smoke a little weed on my time off, I've never had a problem with that at work, why am I here now?”

A day after all the excitement, he may not have a job but he still has the title as the first person who bought marijuana legally in Spokane.

Mike Boyer: “I am number one and no one can take that.”