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Strange beach discovery leads to leg "reunion"

Hannah Listle was walking along the beach Sunday morning when she made an interesting discovery - a prosthetic leg had washed up on shore. 2 / 2

Kingston, WA (CNN) - A prosthetic leg that washed ashore in Kingston, Washington over the weekend has been returned to its rightful owner.

Hanna Listle – Found Artificial Leg: “It was very pleasant, it was wonderful, she's a wonderful person.”

Hannah Listle has likely never been so happy weeding.

Hannah Listle: “She was very excited, ecstatic that I found the leg.”

She's still riding the high from this morning when she reunited Poulsbo's Megan Smith with her lost prosthetic leg. Megan's sister saw a Facebook post and heard about the Sunday night news report featuring Hannah desperately seeking the leg's owner.

Megan Smith – Artificial Leg Owner: “I cried and then I laughed and I was so jittery and so excited I couldn't wait to get it back.

Hannah found the prosthetic Sunday morning along Kingston’s shoreline.

Hannah Listle: “We were trying to hit the low tide beach so we could beach comb and see what we could find and I saw a foot first.”

The night before Megan and her husband were swimming here.

Megan Smith: “About half way to shore and that’s when I realized my leg was gone.”

Panic set in.

Megan Smith: “I dove down into the water and I couldn't find it and I looked and I looked.”

Megan swims with her prosthetic all the time and it's never come off. She says she couldn't afford a new one. Her backup is used only for running. It's not as comfortable or meant for daily use.

Megan Smith: “It's like getting your leg back and it's what I use every day.”

Hanna Listle: “I feel good I think it's really great, hearing her story about the leg and everything like that it was very heartwarming to know I was able to get it back to her.”

Megan got her leg and life back - and that's not all. They both made a new friend.