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Caught on Camera: Attempted hair extension theft foiled at California beauty salon

A woman attempted to steal several hair extensions from a California business, but was confronted by the owner. The woman escaped, but left several forms of identification behind. 2 / 2

Stockton, CA (CNN) - A California store owner fights off a would-be shoplifter who was trying to make off with hair extensions. The scuffle was caught on camera.

Andy Hyun - Store Owner: "She take two packs, two packs over here."

A hairy situation caught on camera, the owner of Cathy's Beauty Supply store in a tangle, with a woman trying to get away with a purse full of stolen hair extensions.

Andy Hyun: "My wife say, Andy, check her bag, something inside."

Andy Hyun says security cameras caught the woman shoving the packs of hair extension into her purse, but when he confronted her in the back of the store with a stun gun, she managed to break free, but left her purse behind.

Andy Hyun: "When they opened it, her ID, Social Security card."

Police say inside was an id for Tatiana Scott, the same woman believed to be in this security video.

Andy Hyun: "Normally, they bring in an empty bag, no any ID, nothing.  I never seen before, that's very weird."

Hyun is still scratching his head over the suspect's slip up, but he says her crime costs his small business.

Andy Hyun: "It really hurts. Sometimes I think I'm going to quit this business. That much hurt."

He's hoping the clues she left behind will make it easier for cops to track down this accused follicle felon.