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Garage fire damages 3 sheds in South Fargo

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FARGO -- Investigators are piecing together what caused a fire that damaged 3 sheds in South Fargo Monday night.

Police officers were in the area just west of Kmart when they noticed smoke and called out the fire department.

By the time crews got there, the fire had spread to 3 different sheds.

A 4th one was nearby, but was saved.

They knocked down the fire in about 10 minutes.

Fire officials say no one was injured and the nearby homes were never in any danger.

"It looks like storage units for the homes that back up to the courtyard here so bikes and outdoors stuff, chairs to sit in and that kind of things it looks like, so." says Fargo Fire Battalion Chief Dane Carley.

Carley says at least one of the sheds and all of its contents are a total loss.