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Hundreds of new parking spots available in Downtown Fargo area

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FARGO—After just under a year of construction Parking in downtown Fargo has gotten a whole lot simpler.

There are now 455 brand new parking spots for the people of Downtown Fargo.

While that's probably enough to make anyone excited the construction around might give away there's still more to come around these walls.

It's a situation we've likely all been in.

"You could circle for half an hour and never find a parking place." says Virginia, who lives in Fargo.

Trying to Park in Downtown Fargo.

It's an issue the City of Fargo has been trying to fix for a while.

"We've been thinking about a parking garage and in this particular space for years and years." Parking Commissioner Margie tells us.

The solution is finally here.

"This is like a miracle on Roberts Street... seriously." Margie says.

Fargo's First Multi-Use Parking Ramp is officially open at the corner of Roberts Street and 2nd Avenue.

"Accommodates what is currently here which is vibrant and vital." Margie tells us.

It's not just for cars.

"There's also 75 bike parking spaces. There will be 200 when it's over." says parking commissioner Mike Williams.

They're still looking to the future.

"By the time the project is complete - you won't even know there's a parking garage here." Margie says.

Construction on Phase Two of the project has begun, 76 apartments and 12 retail spaces will be open next Spring.

"We hope this will really encourage people to keep on coming to Downtown Fargo." says Kilbourne president Mike Allmendinger.

When done, three sides around the parking ramp will be covered.

To not only create a more aesthetically pleasing block, but one that will add so much to Downtown Fargo.

"Before this space had 170 spots with no one living here or working.. now we've tripled the parking and will have 220 people living here.. really adds value to this area." Mike Williams says.

50 spots will be available to the general public, the other 405 will be rented out for area businesses and apartments.

Parking is free after 5 PM Monday through Friday and on weekends.

The daily rate hasn't been officially decided, but the plan is to offer the first two hours free and then after that up to $8.00 for the day.

It still needs to be brought to the commission and will be figured out within the next few weeks.

Cassandra Rohlfing

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