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Construction Boom Triples Reile's Acres' Home Sales

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REILES-ACRES—We all deal with road construction at some point, but it's avoidable.

A small community north of Fargo is adjusting to new growth, and home construction in their own backyards.

Tis the season of construction and all through the town; cranes, trucks and noise can be found.

Once you enter the city limits of Reiles Acres, you're entering construction season and in this town you'll see just some of the 107 lots that are being built behind me here for brand new homes.

Colemen Jacquemart has helped build several of these new houses popping up in the neighborhood.

"7 o'clock in the morning is the earliest we're supposed to, sometimes we start earlier. But we do get complaints from neighbors, you know, if you wake them up, or just being too loud in general, but it's gotta be done." Jacquemart tells us.

The city says construction has boomed in the last 8 months alone, tripling home sales from last year.

"Years, going to be years worth of construction our here" Jacquemart says.

Off-camera, some neighbors say, this construction has been going on for too long, creating just too much noise. But for others, they say it's just part of the process.

"It was nice for the last four months to be out here by ourself, but now we want some neighbors." homeowner Ryan Lefor tells us.

The Lefor's designed and built their home in about three months, moving in with their two little ones in December.

"We're actually looking over in West Fargo, but with the size of the lots and the specials we couldn't build the house we wanted" Lefor says.

With working in construction, he says he's used to the noise.

"As long as everybody keeps a clean project, it's gotta happen at some point" Lefor says.

Jacquemart: "Just bear with us. We're trying to do our job, and so is everyone else, just trying to get stuff done." Jacquemart tells us.

As fields turn to homes, growth remains steady.

Jacquemart says it takes about 3 to 6 months to build a home.

So far, 35 of the 107 lots have been sold.