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Boston man faces his fears in Fargo

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Fargo, ND (WDAY News) - Fears, we all have them.

Some people are afraid of spiders, others, public speaking.

One Boston man traveling across the country is getting over his fear of heights, by going 12-thousand feet above the ground, here in Fargo.

"Petrified and excited," said Dick Simon, about facing his fears.

Meet Dick Simon.

"My regular job, or work, I work with international business leaders on opposite sides of geopolitical conflicts. I spend a lot of time in the middle east, Pakistan, a lot of time in Syria," said Simon.

A man whose job is to travel all over the world, simply wanted to enjoy the beauty of his own country.

"I haven't seen a lot of the areas I've been in, I haven't been to Fargo, I haven't been to North Dakota, frankly I've never been to a lot of the Northern United States," said Simon.

He's here to check something off his bucket list.

After months of planning, he started in Oregon and is making his way back to his hometown, Boston.

A little over a month and a half into his journey, Dick realized that he had a fear that he couldn't quite shake.

"I realized on this bike trip that I had some major fears, big trucks passing, around bridges, around cross winds. A lot of fears related to heights and falling," said Simon.

So, he consulted a professional…

"I actually talked to a good friend who's a therapist, and her prescription - if you can get yourself the courage to jump out of an airplane 3 times, you'll be over your fear of heights," said Simon.

Doctors, orders right?

Which brought him here, to the club, SkyDive Fargo, where he's taken a break from his cycling adventure and has spent the last three days.

"I did three jumps in three days, today's gonna be my third. I don't know if they've ever had anyone ever do three jumps in a row before," said Simon.

The club members instantly became invested in his journey.

"He's cycling across the country and I don't like to cycle for more than ten minutes. I was pretty blown away by that," said Jason Hanson, from SkyDive in Fargo.

When he arrived Saturday afternoon, before he knew it, it was time.

After that first jump...

"I felt like a million bucks after landing," said Simon.

Not to miss out on the fun, his wife Patti is flying in from Boston to join in on his third and final flight.

Dick says he's around his half way point in his journey and will make it back to Boston sometime in late August.

Cassandra Rohlfing

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