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Kayak anglers from Fargo make splash online with YouTube videos

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Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - This was the kind of day to "play hooky" if you like baiting a hook and throwing out a line, but there is a new kind of angler out there. You can find them, not in a big aluminum boat, but in a kayak. 

It's called Yak Fishing, and it is economical, quiet and successful.

"Perfect, just perfect, could not ask for a better day than today," said Chris Carlisle, kayak angler.

Chris Carlisle nailed it, how could you not want to fish today.

Instead of towing a trailer, boat and motor. Chris is unloading his plastic Kayak.

Chris is part of a competitive Kayak Fishing team called Adventures on the Water.

"Pike, bass, walleye."

He is one of a growing number of anglers who are ditching the boat and motor for a little Yak fishing.

"The serenity you hear the loons and ducks and hear the fish splash, more personal," Carlisle said.

And then there is Matt Nelson.

"If I am catching fish, I am having fun," said Nelson.

He can't get enough of Kayak Fishing.

"Don't have to put gas into it, or anything like that, more affordable than a bass boat," Nelson said.

The Fargo man even equips his Yak with Go Pros cameras, documents his trip, and then posts these high quality videos on You Tube. Watch out Kardashians.

Getting close to 100 videos and was looking at my state this morning and I am close to a million views, never thought I would hit that milestone.

Sure these guys have boat fished before but now it is all about loading up the Yak and hitting a river or lake, enjoying the tranquility.

"A lot more peaceful, being more in tune with nature, it has helped me get more fish, hearing a fish hit a bug across the lake. Tells you to get over there and throw a lure over there," Nelson said.

Most of the time the guys do catch and release fishing, usually because of space but if there are compartments in the kayak if they

want to bring fish home, they can.

Both men fish from their kayaks in the middle of winter, not a bad catch, and this summer is starting out perfect, hot, humid, time well spent in a yak.

"I was going to bring a spook out here and rip it along the banks," Carlisle said.

Click here to see more of Matt's You Tube Kayak Fishing videos.