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Fargo postal worker tackles man accused of stealing package

Raymond Stenson (U.S. District Court)1 / 2
Raymond Stenson (U.S. District Court)2 / 2

FARGO, ND (WDAY TV) - Court documents say a mail carrier ran down a man accused of stealing a package addressed to a woman in a south Fargo apartment.

Raymond Stenson, of Enderlin, is charged with robbery, theft and assault in the incident that happened Wednesday while the carrier was delivering mail.

Authorities say Stenson told the carrier the package belonged to his girlfriend, but the postal worker refused to release it without her identification.

Later, Stenson drove up to the mail van with what the carrier assumed was the proper ID.

Instead, Stenson snatched the package and ran through a parking lot, where he was tackled by the carrier.

Court documents say the carrier locked the package in his van and Stenson started to cry, saying he really needed the package and that it contained marijuana.

He told the carrier some guys told him to pick it up and he had been waiting for it all day, and that he was worried those individuals would kill him if he did not show up with the package.

Documents say he told the carrier he looked like a guy that liked to smoke weed and that if he was given back the package he would give him some.

The carrier then took a photo of Stenson and tried to get pictures of temporary registration on the his vehicles window, causing him to flee.

A Police K9 brought on scene alerted to the presence of controlled substances in the package.

A federal public defender could not be reached for comment.

Stenson has not been asked to enter a plea.