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Security mistakes at Bismarck airport

BISMARCK - A Bismarck man says he boarded a plane heading to Denver...with a boarding pass that was not his.

He says it was an accident.  Airport administrators say they're investigating how the security breach could happen.

On July 10th, Mick Turner, arrived at the airport on the wrong day.

He checked in at the United ticket counter for the wrong flight.

He received a boarding pass that wasn't his.

"They dropped the ball on three separate occasions," says Mick Turner.  "I don't think that happens too often. But it did happen to me."

Turner is talking about the three times someone should have noticed he wasn't supposed to be there.

First, at the ticket counter.  Second, at the security checkpoint where he also showed his ID.  Finally, when boarding the plane.

"It was three points that they checked my boarding pass and at no point did anybody question me. I didn't think anything of it because I assumed I was supposed to be on that flight," says Turner.

Turner says he boarded the plane and when he got to his seat a woman was in it.

"I wasn't wearing a wig. But I do remember the lady's name was Darcy. So it could have went either way," says Turner.

That's when Turner realized his boarding pass didn't match up.  He told a flight attendant and he was asked leave the plane.

When Turner got off the plane, he called his mom to pick him up. He wasn't sure he was going to take this beyond that point. But she did.

"I think it's kind of scary and real daunting that someone that isn't booked on a flight can get on the flight with a different boarding pass," says Karolyn Morris, "that actually was a woman's boarding pass."

Morris called the TSA, she called the airport and she called the airline.

"After this, I'm kind of afraid to fly," says Morris.

Bismarck Airport manager Greg Haug and the Transportation Security Administration are investigating what Haug calls a 'legitimate concern.'

TSA spokesperson Lorie Dankers says in a statement: "TSA is reviewing allegations that document verification procedures were not followed properly at Bismarck Regional Airport."

The TSA also says the officers on duty that day are not currently working that job.

They are receiving more training.

Turner says he had missed the flight he was scheduled to be on.

He ended up flying to Denver later in the week, with no problems, other than having to pay for another ticket.