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Semi hauling styrofoam burns at Kindred off ramp

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KINDRED, ND (WDAY TV) - Firefighters were called to a fully engulfed semi fire on an I94 ramp this morning.

The call went out around 2:30 AM for a semi trailer hauling styrofoam materials.  The driver had pulled off at the Kindred exit ramp to take a nap that's when he saw the flames.

"He just leaned back in his seat, was resting a little bit and all of a sudden he saw a flash of light," said West Fargo Fire Chief, Roy Schatschneider.  "When he investigated, he said there was a pretty intense fire going around the rear wheels of his tractor. And being that the styrofoam was in close proximity, that caught fire almost immediately."

Fire officials say the truck could have had brake problems or a flat tire that sparked the flames.

The driver escaped safely and called 911.  Authorities say there was no chance of putting it out, since it was fully engulfed when they arrived.

The trailer was completely destroyed and had to be moved by a flatbed because it was not even towable.

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