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Report shows increase of crime in North Dakota

FARGO (WDAY-TV) -   The crime rate is trending upward in North Dakota.

An annual report released today by the state Attorney General's office takes a snap shot of the frequency of 7 different crimes comprising a crime index.

Fifty-two sheriffs' departments, 53 police departments and the Highway Patrol contributed.

The crime index is broken in to two separate categories: violent crime and property crime.

Crimes included under the umbrella of violent crime are murder/non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

Under the umbrella of property crime are burglary, larceny/theft and motor vehicle theft.

The summation of the report shows the state saw a rise of 5.5 percent overall.

Individual crime statistics vary-- from rising a few percentage points to dropping by the same margin-- but there were a few areas where the statistics popped out.

The total number of reported violent index crimes rose 7.4 percent compared to 2012. 

However, the number murders dropped by 6 compared to 2012 and rape instances decreased by more than 2 percent.

But the growth of violent crime in the oil patch stands out the most.

For instance, there were 6 murder or manslaughter investigations in Cass County-- the state's largest population center—in 2013.

That number was matched by investigations in Williams County which is home to more than 100,000 fewer people.

But violent crime accounts for less than 10 percent of crime in the state.

The rest in the index are categorized as property crimes.

There were 14,127 reports of property crimes in 2013 representing more than $33 million in lost property.

For the full breakdown on the report, click here.

In a release, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem applauded the state for decreases in rape and murder index numbers.

Stenehjem noted his largest concern with crime in the state is the increase in drug cases, which were up 19.5 percent compared to 2012. 

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