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Fire on second floor balcony at Fargo apartment

FARGO (WDAY TV) – The Fargo Fire Department responded to a small balcony fire at an occupied apartment early Monday morning.

It took place on a second floor balcony at 4452 47th Street South around 12:49 am.

Upon arrival, the fire appeared to have been extinguished by occupants of the building.  Fire department personnel found that fire had extended under the patio door frame and into the void space between the first and second floor. 

Crews cut away the door frame and part of the floor to reach the affected area.

The cause of the fire was determined to be improperly discarded smoking materials. 

Damage to the building is estimated at $5,000. 

The Fargo Fire Department would like to remind individuals that working smoke detectors are your best defense for early warning of fire. 

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