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F-M Convention and Visitors Bureau looking to lure Canadian tourists

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The Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau is making a huge effort to lure Canadians.

With the exchange rate from Canadian to U.S. Dollars becoming less friendly for Canadians lately, the Visitor's Bureau says there are fewer visiting the metro.

In response, they’re offering huge discounts on entertainment and hotels, but will it work?

Take it from these Winnipeg Shoppers:

"I'm not really scared to cross the border but I'm not interested"

A lot of Canadians don't want to visit Fargo.

"It doesn't make sense with the dollar exchange."

The biggest problem:

"Our money is so low compared to theirs."

Those Loonies don't stretch very far.

Enter a new effort from the Fargo Visitor's Bureau- a campaign running in March offering steals for those across the border to convince them to visit.

"It's definitely slowed in the past few years because of that exchange rate," said Andi Thoreson with the F-M Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Hotel rooms can be nabbed for their USD price in Canadian dollars- essentially a 20 percent discount.

West Acres used to be a hotspot for border crossing shoppers. Now it's going to great lengths in hopes of bringing in more Canadian cash.

"They're giving away more than 100 $20 gift cards every weekend. That's a lot of giveaways," Thoreson added.

Local breweries and restaurants are getting in on it too. Fargo Brewing company has special offers next month just for Canadians.

It's optimistic the campaign will mean more visitors and more dollars for local business.

"If we're giving them incentives to come down and try our local restaurants and breweries it should help our tourism. Shouldn't hurt anyway," said Aaron Hill of Fargo Brewing Company.

It'll take at least a month to figure out whether this request for visitors is answered, or whether Canadian shoppers stay up North.

The Bureau's Campaign runs every weekend in March.

Click this link for more information about the campaign.