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Student hires adult entertainer to come to Austin, TX middle school

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS - A Grisham Middle School student is facing disciplinary action after school officials say he used his personal cell phone to procure an adult entertainer to come to the school as a prank.

According to a letter sent to parents Thursday, the entertainer realized the address she had been given was a school upon arrival, called the front office and reported the prank. The letter states she did not enter the school.

Principal Paige Hadziselimovic stated that they were able to identify the student responsible and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.

"I wanted you, our parents, to hear about this from me first and to assure you that our staff handled the situation with the utmost decorum and professionalism," Hadziselimovic wrote. "While regrettable, the incident had no negative impact on any students, other than the student who is responsible."

The owner of the company who provided the adult entertainer said that it's a frustrating situation.

"Things happen, we move on," said Sean Michaels, owner of "I'm just still waiting to see what the parents are going to do about it, if they're going to pay for the mistake or if they're just going to use the word 'sorry,' which really doesn't do much for me."

Michaels said they typically see pranks from students around winter break. He said kids are bored and have more time to cause trouble.

He said, while he understands why people may think it was a funny prank, kids need to realize that they wasted the woman's time and cost him money.

"They can judge, that's fine," said Michaels. "But tell them if they think it's funny, they can give us their address, and I'll send that same prank kid to their home address. Maybe he can do a prank by knocking on their door at two o'clock in the morning. Maybe we can all find that funny too."

Michaels said he paid the stripper out-of-pocket.

He said he has been in touch with the principal and is waiting to see if the student or parents will pay for the prank.