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Battle Lake hosts Sixth Annual Civil War Celebration to remember the places and the people who fought

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 Battle Lake, MN (WDAY/WDAZ History came alive on Saturday in Battle Lake, as the small town's Civil War Museum hosted its Civil War Celebration.

The Sixth annual Civil War Celebration remembers living, breathing, eating history.

"Help them commemorate the civil war and the events that took place and the people who fought in it," said John Cain, MN Second Artillery.

Two regiments of reenactors, the Minnesota second artillery and fifth infantry give people a glimpse into the life of a soldier circa 1865.

"To educate the public on things we think no one knows about anymore," said Cain.

The museum features the largest collection in the entire state.

"He's got artifacts in the basement that historians would just drool over," said Cain.

"Our history is important, and people forget about that," said Jay Johnson, Museum Owner.

The Prospect house is extending its reach to host visits from area middle schoolers.

"It's really going to be a really cool program, there's hands on learning stations throughout the museum," said Darla Ellingson, Prospect House.

Sadly, this celebration of history could become a thing of the past since cannons are so costly.

"It's kind of expensive, it costs quite a bit to bring in the second Minnesota, as well as to provide insurance," said Abby Johnson, Prospect House.

The museum is a nonprofit and relies on fundraisers and donations to hold events like the celebration.

Reenactors say these events enrich people's perception of the past.

Without more fundraising, it looks as though history will remain in textbooks in the coming years.

If you're interested in donating to the museum, click here.