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WE Fest Benefits Surrounding Small Communities

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Hawley, MN (WDAY TV) - Detroit Lakes isn't the only community benefited by WE Fest.

Surrounding communities say their businesses see a boost during the event.

Crissy Seitz/Zip Trip Gas Station, Hawley: "It's definitely busier than the average weekend."

Hawley sits at about the halfway point between the FM area and WE Fest.

Crissy Seitz with the Zip Trip Gas Station says that's plenty of reason for people to stop and recharge as they head out for some fun.

Seitz: "Stop and get gas, to get snacks, get beverages, get stuff ready, lotion if they forgot that, sunscreen, bug spray, the whole nine yards, we've even got hats."

Almost every local business sees a few extra customers, from hotels and restaurants, to liquor stores.

The manager of Hawley Liquors, Michael Friesen, says his business has jumped almost 50%.

Michael Friesen/Hawley Liquors: "They're all excited, they have the wristbands, they're ready to go, and they're stocking up to bring product back down to their friends down at the campgrounds."

Hawley Mayor Gary Johnson says the increase in traffic during WE Fest is noticeable, he says he estimates they see an extra 10,000 cars pass through.

Gary Johnson/Hawley Mayor: "We see a lot of extra traffic coming through town on a weekend like this, and with all of our businesses that are on the highway here, we have a reason for most of them to stop by and visit. "

WE Fest wraps up Saturday night with Zach Brown Band as the headliner.