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Minnesota woman's one-in-a-million letter leads to meeting with President

Rebekah Erler sent a letter to The White House not knowing if she'd ever hear back will have a personal meeting with the President. 2 / 2

Minneapolis, MN (CNN) - A Minnesota woman is getting a special visit from president Obama Thursday. This comes after she sent him a letter, not knowing if it would ever reach his desk.

The last thing Rebekah Erler ever thought…

Rebekah Erler Minnesota: "And you never really think anyone is going to call you back." that anyone at The White House would ever read her the letter.

Rebekah Erler: "But they did. My letter made it to his desk."

And not just anyone: The President.

President Barack Obama: "So this letter I got from Rebekah…"

In a White House video, President Obama reads directly from Rebekah's letter.

President Obama, reading Rebekah’s letter: "So I am writing to you to let you know what it is like for those of us in the middle of the country and I hope that you will listen."

Erler is an accountant and mother of 2 small boys, married to a carpenter, sometimes struggling to make ends meet.

Rebekah Erler: "We live a pretty modest lifestyle. We budget. We clip coupons. We shop at 2 grocery stores because we know what costs less, where."

One night in March, she was frustrated paying the bills: more for her children's pre-school day care than for the mortgage.

Rebekah Erler: "So that was the moment when I decided that like somebody has to say something about this. This is nuts."

Erler sent off the letter and forgot about it, just one of thousands the white house receives every day. Now the president is coming to Minnesota to personally respond.

Rebekah Erler: "I think it's going to be wonderful for me to let Rebekah know that not only will I be listening, but that she's not alone out there."

Erler says her family is happy, but she will tell the president she's frustrated the economy is not improving more quickly.

Rebekah Erler: "Overall I think it's frustrating that those things-- those little extras that make you feel like you're making it’ being able to putt money aside for your kids' college, going on vacation, all those things. You know, you can't do those anymore."

The White House says President Obama’s visit is the first of several trips he'll been taking this summer to talk with the people he's serving.