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Minnesota Woman Held Captive as 'Sex Slave' Escapes from Louisiana Home

The victim from Minnesota had been held captive chained outside and in a building against her will for several days in northwest Natchitoches Parish.1 / 4
David Rodriguez Jr., 37, was booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center.2 / 4
Christina Marie Harper, 39, was booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center.3 / 4
Ambre Tubbs Lomas, 39, was booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center.4 / 4

AJAX, LOUISIANA - A Minnesota woman escaped from a Louisiana home where she'd been held months as a modern day sex slave, according to Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office.

Police started their investigation last Saturday when a transgendered woman with a logging chain around her neck was spotted at a business near the Ajax area of Natchitoches Parish.

The woman told detectives she escaped from a couple's home where authorities say she had become enslaved and was beaten if she refused to work.

After being treated and released from Natchitoches Regional Medical Center, the victim was placed in protective custody.

On Wednesday, three people - a husband, his wife, and their friend - turned themselves in on a variety of charges. Those included human trafficking, battery, kidnapping, and false imprisonment.

The suspects have been identified as David Rodriguez Jr., 37, and Christina Marie Harper, 39, both of Pleasant Hill, and Ambre Tubbs Lomas, 39, of Shreveport

The Minnesota woman has not been identified.

Louisiana authorities say she met the couple on a website, and voluntarily agreed to move in with them.

All three suspects remain in the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center.