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Washington nonprofit pushes for legal recreational marijuana in North Dakota

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Supporters of legal recreational marijuana in North Dakota are getting backers from Washington.

The director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is asking North Dakota voters to say yes to Measure 3 this November.

The measure would legalize the use and purchase of recreational marijuana across the state.

This organization has a meet and greet with Legalize ND at the Front Street Taproom tonight at 7 p.m.

Supporters of the measure argue legalized marijuana has helped fight the opioid epidemic in other states.

“They have lower opioid prescription rates and lower ER admissions," said Erik Altier, executive director of NORML. "This is a serious problem in our country. Thousands of people are dying and this is how we can help end that catastrophe.”

Earlier this month, WDAY-TV sat down with opponents of Measure 3.

They said passing it would lead to an increase in marijuana-related traffic accidents and poison control emergencies.

Supporters said that simply isn't true.

The vote is Nov. 6.