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NDSU receives number two seed, will host San Diego-Northern Arizona winner

Polling place transportation provided for MSUM students

Despite an election that could carry big consequences for college students, MSUM students are not able to vote directly on campus.

A short drive to the polling place isn't a hassle for most people, but for many college students at MSUM, a short drive becomes a long walk.

Allan Branstiter: "We are providing students transportation to the polling place, and a lot of the students don't know where the polling place is."

MSUM is the only one of seven Minnesota State Universities that does not have a polling location on campus. The senate hopes to get 300-500 people shuttled to and from the polling location before polls close, but it's still up the students to make the effort.

Shane Kelly: "If you don't care now, change it because our generation is going to be in the government in the next 20 years."

Moorhead city officials said polling locations are based on US census data, forcing MSUM students to vote here at Grace United Methodist Church. Sometimes accessibility is the key for students. With the 18-24 students typically being under represented group for voting, targets like this increase that number.

The way elections turnout tonight could affect students' pocketbooks in the future.

Branstiter: "If you care about tuition, student loans debt, the quality of your education. This year, this could be the first vote in a long time that could an immediate difference."

Polling locations for the 2012 election will be decided once the latest census is received, meaning MSUM could be a polling site in the future.

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