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Ryan Anderson found guilty of murder

Ryan Neil Anderson

Grand Forks, ND - Ryan Neil Anderson is guilty of murdering his lifelong friend, a Grand Forks jury decided today.

The Iron River, Mich., man stabbed Christopher King, also of Iron River, twice in the chest and twice in the abdomen last year at a man camp near Tioga, N.D., northeast of Williston.

The defense argued he was defending himself from attacks from King, who choked Anderson that night, as seen in a security video.

Prosecutors said a recording of a phone conversation he had shows he knew he wasn't acting in self defense. Anderson had been arguing with his now ex-fiancee Rebecca Rogers after a night of drinking with King and others.

Some witnesses said Anderson physically attacked Rogers and King attacked Anderson in return. Rogers said she was not attacked.

The maximum prison sentence for murder is life. The trial was moved from Williston to Grand Forks after the defense raised concerns that media coverage would result in an unfair trial.

The jury in the murder trial of Ryan Neil Anderson went into deliberation Tuesday morning in Grand Forks after attorneys gave their closing statements.

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