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Court Documents: Fargo robbery stemmed from unpaid escort services

Gabrielle Louise McGuire (left), 22, and Vivian Elaine Hager, 33
Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Charges have been filed against a St. Cloud escort accused of using a stun gun to rob a Fargo man.
According to court documents, Gabrielle McGuire was initially invited to the mans home to provide services early Thursday morning. When the two were discussing the services McGuire asked the man if he remembered her. She then reminded him that the last time they had sex, he didn't pay her.
 McGuire then pulled out the stun gun, threatened to tase the man and proceeded to take an Xbox and TV from his home, court documents say.  Vivian Hagar is also accused of assisting with the robbery and threatening the man. Both women are charged with a Class B felony for conspiracy to commit robbery.
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