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Minn. man charged after fatally shooting teen following minor fender bender, confrontation

Alexander Weiss

A Rochester man charged in the shooting death of a teenaged driver said the young man grabbed his gun during the confrontation, but a witness said she saw no such thing.

That’s according to second-degree murder charges filed against Alexander William Weiss, 25, in the death of 17-year-old Muhammed Rahim. The two were arguing after Rahim, by Weiss’ account, rammed Weiss’ Subaru about 8:20 a.m. Sunday on a residential street in Rochester.

A witness who’d been in the car with Rahim told police that after Weiss pulled out his gun and pointed it at Rahim, the teenager said, “I f***ing dare you to do it,” the witness said.

Weiss told police that Rahim got within a few inches of Weiss’ face and shoved Weiss in the chest, the charging complaint says. That’s when Weiss pulled his gun, a Glock 19, from his pocket. Rahim taunted and spat at Weiss, the suspect told police. Weiss told police that he backed up, Rahim reached for Weiss’ gun, and Weiss stepped back and fired at him, point blank, according to the complaint.

But another witness who drove by at the time of the shooting said she saw the two young men facing each other two to three feet apart in the middle of the street. She told police she saw Weiss pull the gun from his pocket, raise it and fire at Rahim. She said Rahim was not touching Weiss or advancing toward him.

According to the charges, Weiss said he stopped after spotting a Cavalier driving recklessly, hitting a curbside storm drain. “Before Weiss could get out to check on the Cavalier, the Cavalier backed into the Suburu,” the complaint said.