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Thief breaks into nearly a dozen garages at West Fargo apartment complex

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WEST FARGO—It was a rude awakening for Roman Hedstrom Monday morning, Jan. 15.

A thief broke into not just his, but a dozen garages at his West Fargo apartment complex.

He said the thefts have taken his sense of security, and he has a message for others.

It's enough to make your stomach sink.

"I came to discover this morning- they took a crowbar it looks like, and popped the keyhole," said Hedstrom. "Air compressor stolen, three brand new toolkits from Christmas, my whole stereo system from my car was jacked."

The thief's handiwork was easy to see across a dozen garages.

"You can obviously see someone's trying to pry it open and bust it up," said Hedstrom.

Some doors were left wide open.

When the thief got tired, they began popping locks.

Now, Hedstrom worries about another raid.

"You can just pick it up. How safe is that," said Hedstrom.

Hedstrom's losses total $500, stolen while most were avoiding the cold.

"Take advantage of people trying to put everything away and get everything stocked and locked in your garage. Then when you feel safe and protected you got everyone stealing everything you own," said Hedstrom.

Now he's warning others to be careful and on the lookout, and reminding everyone to lock their cars.

"You never think this is going to happen to you, then here you are, in the deep of it. How sad is that," said Hedstrom.

WDAY spoke with West Fargo Police, and Investigators can't release any details, but say they are actively investigating.

It's not clear how much was stolen.