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Woman who shot boyfriend now charged with manslaughter

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NORMAN COUNTY -- Prosecutors on Wednesday charged a 19-year-old pregnant mom from Halstad with manslaughter.

She's accused of shooting her boyfriend during a 'Youtube stunt' gone wrong.

On Wednesday we learned the shooting was caught on two different cameras.

Monalisa Perez made her first court appearance Wednesday through a TV screen.

She was originally being held for recklessly discharging a firearm.

She learned the charges would be second degree manslaughter.

She has posted $7,000 cash bail with conditions one of which means she cannot have a firearm.

According to court documents Perez and her boyfriend, 22-year-old Pedro Ruiz III were making a video for Youtube when the shots were fired.

Two cameras were rolling, a GoPro on a car, along with another camera on a ladder.

The incident happened in Halstad Monday evening.

The documents say Ruiz was holding up a book, and insisted his girlfriend shoot at him as he was holding it up.

Perez said they believed the book would stop the bullet since he shot a different book and the bullet did not go all the way through.

So, according to these documents she took a .50 caliber handgun and shot the book and Ruiz from a foot away.

The bullet went through the book and shot him in the chest.

Right before pulling the trigger, Perez wrote this haunting tweet saying she knew it was the most dangerous video to date.

Perez died at the scene before he could air-lifted for medical treatment.

These documents say Ruiz showed Perez a different book that he tested the stunt on Perez said the bullet didn't go all the way through.

She is set to make her next court appearance on July 5th.


Original Story: 

NORMAN COUNTY—A Monday night shooting has left a 3-year-old and an unborn child without a father.

The man's girlfriend is in jail on charges of reckless discharge of a firearm.

Family members say it was a prank gone wrong and say the couple's 3-year-old daughter watched the shooting.

A young couple with an endless supply of pranks.

Some were harmless like a powdered donut topped with baby powder.

Now these pranks and youtube videos are a stinging reminder of a thrill-seeking 22-year-old who loved cars and adventure.

A father of one, with another on the way.

"I wish they wouldn't have done it. I wish he would've just done another prank," said Claudia Ruiz, Aunt.

Ruiz, who didn't want her face shown says her nephew Pedro Ruiz the Third held up a book.

Ruiz says she believes his girlfriend 19-year-old Monalisa Perez shot that book with a 50 caliber gun, trying to see if the bullet would go through, hopeful for views with another youtube video as their three-year-old daughter looked on.

"They were in love. It was just a prank gone wrong. It shouldn't have happened like this. It shouldn't have happened at all," said Ruiz.

Neighbors watched as paramedics did chest compressions outside of his home before Ruiz died at the scene before being lifeflighted to the hospital.

"Everyone was crying. I was standing behind that tree over there. And that was it. I just couldn't take it anymore so I had to go back home," said Wayne Cameron, Neighbor.

Neighbors say around 30 people watched from behind this mound as Monalisa came out of the home, screaming and in panic after shooting her boyfriend of 5-years in the chest.

Today, his family is remembering him with candles, hoping to connect with his spirit as they pray over the spot where the shooting happened.

"I wish they wouldn't have done it. I wish he would've just done another prank. He was so young. He had so much going for himself," said Ruiz.

A tragedy all while trying to reach YouTube fame.

Perez will make her first court appearance Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.