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After breaking both legs in a work accident, Ada man re-learns to walk

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Editor's note: Some of the images in this story may be graphic.

ADA, Minn. — An Ada man is re-learning how to walk after breaking both of his legs in a September work accident.

With each step and stretch Kenny Anderson feels the progress.

"It's getting better though," said Kenny.

He's disappointed it took this long to get back on his feet, but his physical therapist says this is actually way sooner than expected.

Kenny's journey started on Sept. 13.

"Wednesday afternoon at around 5:30," said Kenny.

Kenny was on the job, doing home construction near Elbow Lake when planks and other equipment fell on his legs.

"We were getting ready to go home and our scaffolding gave way," said Kenny, "... It pulled all the skin back I knew my legs were broke because I couldn't move them."

As first responders worked at the scene he waited in severe pain for 45 minutes before the helicopter arrived.

"We took off and I was taking pictures and lakes and everything we were passing," said Kenny.

Kenny is known for his constant positive mental attitude, he says it's a trait that cannot be stopped by broken legs.

For about two months, Kenny stayed in the hospital unable to walk or go back to his own home.

"Main thing I thought about was how long it's going to take me to get back into shape so I can get back into work. I love it. I really love it. It's nice to step back and, 'hey I did that,'" said Kenny.

He says the thought of "will I ever walk again" never crossed his mind, buy by day 58 Kenny was on his feet.

"She had me standing up with the parallel bars in there," said Kenny.

"When you see your child walk for the first time, there's no forbearing that this could've not happened," said Karen Anderson, Kenny's wife.

He's back at home, living in the living room finally able to overcome the three stairs to the bathroom.

While not working, he has plenty of time for physical therapy and for his favorite NFL team.

"The one thing I always say is I bleed blue, because the Cowboys. That day I had the accident, I didn't bleed blue, it was red," said Kenny.

A Texas-born football fan and now hockey-loving Minnesotan, being able to strap on the skates again is the next big goal.

"Positive attitude. You can't be down on yourself, you can't think about nothing negative, you just got to have a positive attitude and take it one day at a time," said, Kenny.

There's no ETA on when Kenny can get back to work, but being able to give standing hugs was just the present he needed this year.

Kenny says their financial burden has been eased because workers compensation paid for all the medical bills so far.