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Wild Terra prepares to kick off Apple Harvest Festival

FARGO -- Although many in North Dakota have already seen their first snowfall, believe it or not, winter is still weeks away. 

So you want to forget about the snow, and celebrate fall, you're in luck.

Wild Terra Cider and Brewing is helping everyone celebrate the season of pumpkin spice and flannels by hosting their Apple Harvest Festival.

There will be an apple pie contest, live music, corn husking races and many other competitions and games celebrating the season.

Aside from the festivities, Wild Cider is also the only cider bar in North Dakota.

One of the owners, Breezee Hennings, says they're hoping to introduce people to the versatility of the drink.

"It can be part of you normal day to day drinking, whether it's nonalcoholic or alcoholic," Hennings says. "We really want to showcase all that it can be. It can be sweet, it can be dry. It's just a really fun beverage and this is a perfect time to be drinking it."

Since the temperatures will be a little chilly during the event, there will also be heaters and fire pits outside.

There will be several food vendors there, with exclusive menu items made from apples.

Some of the vendors will be Sandy's Donuts, Rogue Candies, Nicole Pastry, Prairie Vegan Pie, Pico Truck, Texas Q BBQ and Thunder Coffee.

The event is free.

It will be on Saturday, Oct.13 from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

For more information, CLICK HERE.