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A mosquito first shouldn't be cause for alarm

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FARGO—A mosquito first in North Dakota. Cass County Vector Control says it's discovered a new kind of mosquito, capable of carrying West Nile.

This new mosquito, common in Canada but rare in North Dakota, carries the disease.

"They're just not as good as it," says Ben Prather, Director at Cass County Vector Control.

The new mosquito has been found in places like Minnesota and South Dakota.

The more familiar mosquitoes have already infected 18 people in North Dakota. Seven in Burleigh, two in Cass County.

We're probably just at the beginning of it, unfortunately," Prather says. "I think we're going to see a continued human infection and a growing health risk."

It may not be until September when temperatures cool off that the risk goes down.

Most people don't show symptoms if they have it, 1 in 5 people, do, mostly feeling like they have the flu.

"You don't want to get West Nile, I had a family member get it and it's no fun," says Matt Robinson, visiting Fargo.

There's no need to panic, but, you should still be mindful.

"Now is the time to definitely head these extra precautions," Prather says.

"I feel like we can handle it, bug sprays, the city sprays, I feel like we just go inside when it's seven o'clock when the bugs come out," says Cindy Gillund.

Historically, the biggest jump in West Nile virus infections has come in early-to-mid August.