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Police continue to search for liquor store armed robbery suspect

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FARGO N.D.—The suspect of an armed robbery is still on the loose.

Police say a man went into Royal Liquors on Main Avenue in Fargo around midnight, Thursday morning, pointed a gun at two different employees, demanded cash and took off.

WDAY-TV spoke with managers from Royal Liquors, and they are pouring through their own security footage to try and identify the suspect.

One of the managers said all corners of the store are video-monitored.

WDAY-TV also spoke with the Fargo Police Departments and was told officers and investigators interviewed store employees and talked with neighboring businesses, as well.

Police are now using all available security footage in their investigation.

The manager told me the robbers wore sunglasses and his face was covered.

He said the employees did exactly what they should have done, by cooperating and handing over the money.

Stick with WDAY-TV as we continue to update this story.