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North Dakota businesses will now collect online sales tax

FARGO N.D.—After a Supreme Court ruling, businesses will now be collecting an online sales tax.

Since 1992, if a business did not have a physical presence in a certain state, they did not have the tax.

But now, every business that sells online is required to collect their sales revenue.

The Fargo and West Fargo region accounts for 20 percent of all retail in the state.

Retail is the number one sales tax generator in North Dakota.

North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Raushenberger believes that Fargo will be one of the bigger local beneficiaries.

"You look at all the advertising, all the online sales, the Amazon primes, whatever it might be. Those online sales, that market, is one of the fastest growing retail markets in the nation," Raushenberger said.

The state could see an added $50 million annually, all of which would go toward the general fund.

Businesses have to register and begin collecting sales tax by October 1st.