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Locals take part in the national Families Belong Together rallies

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Hundreds around the nation took part in the "Families Belong Together" rally, protesting the seperation of families at the border.

These locals are showing their love for children around the nation by coming out to the "Families Belong Together" rally.

"It's amazing seeing all of these people standing up for these kids and what they believe in," says protestor Azzie McLeod.

Protesters as young as five gathered at Veteran's Memorial Park in Detroit Lakes to show off their colorful signs and t-shirts.

It's a part widespread outrage against the Trump Administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.

They say seeing pictures and videos of children being separated from their families at the border that made them want to come out.

"I've always loved kids and I just don't think - it's just honestly disgusting how somebody could do that to kids, regardless if their your kids or not," says McLeod.

Detroit Lakes may seem like an unusual place to protest immigration policy, but this rally had about 100 people show up.

Protestors say it's not an issue just at the border, it's about showing your support throughout the nation.

"The problem isn't at the border, it's in the countries - these people are fleeing for every good reason, so we need to offer them asylum," says protestor Sally Suby.

Many of them say this is the first rally they've ever been to.

They think this cause is so important and say they would come out again.

Next time, some are bringing their children and grandchildren.

"I want them to see that I am standing up for children, I'm standing up for families - that we don't have to stand for this. We need to do this," says Suby.

The metro is also speaking up as part of the national movement.

Around 200 people turned out for the peaceful rally on the lawn of the downtown Fargo library.

People were encouraged to take part in sign-making, and writing letters to legislators so their voice will be heard.