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Pair of Bikers cross the world to raise money for Ghana school

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FARGO, ND -Two British women are have made their way to Fargo as part of a year-long charity bike ride around the world.

They're pedaling thousands of miles for Pencils of Promise with a goal of building a school in Ghana.

"We thought it was going to be a physical challenge, but it's actually keeping your head going when the winds are tough, it's raining, it's cold, or you haven't spoken to anyone in a long time," said cyclist Clair Gover.

Her and long-time friend Dawn Logan have been biking over 60 miles every day through Europe, Asia, and now North America for Pedalling for Promise.

It's the women's take off of Pencils of Promise, a non-profit that builds schools in developing countries.

The two say harsh winds and bad drivers were some of the biggest obstacles throughout the trip.

Logan and Gover say you meet plenty of people along the way, but when the going gets tough, they rely on each other to keep pushing through.

There's no way I could have done this on my own. We're a two-man team. We do really well at keeping each other going, you know when one's low, the other is high," Logan said.

Since starting this leg of the trip through North Dakota, the bikers have seen parts of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Salem Sue, and even some wild buffalo.

They rely on the Warmshowers App, strangers' generosity and a little bit of luck to get them through each day.

Now, they've found themselves here in the valley.

The girls are taking an extra day in Fargo to meet up with Canadian relatives. They tell me the hardest part isn't the distance traveled, but the distance from family.

"To be just cycling in the neighborhood and my cousins to be able to drive 5-6 hours, it's not short distance but compared to being across an ocean, it's relatively close, so it's really special," said Logan.

Gover said, "My toughest part was leaving my family and my friends.. just being away for that period of time, you know not having that hug when you need it."

They're now on their thirty-eighth week and have biked over ten thousand miles.

Their end goal in the United States is The Pencils of Promise headquarters in New York.

"You just have those moment where you ask yourself, why are we doing this, and thankfully because we are doing this for charity, and it is bigger than just us, I have a good answer to that question why," said Logan.

When the two get there, they hope they'll have raised enough to present to the foundation a $35,000 check that they say will change a small community in Ghana forever.

So far, the duo has raised over $19,000 dollars for the non-profit.