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Center avenue in Moorhead to get a facelift

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MOORHEAD Minn.—Worn, weathered and washed up. Those are only half of the reasons Moorhead believes Center Ave needs a new face.

President of Downtown Moorhead Incorporated, Derrick LaPoint says, "When we were studying the center avenue corridor we just found that it was massively over built."

Over built and overdone so the Moorhead city council has approved some changes.

The street will remain relatively the same. It will be resurfaced, it will be turned from four lanes into three. One lane in each direction with a center turning lane, leaving just enough room for the bikes.

And, this road rescontruct isn't your typical get me from A to B as fast as possible project, but rather a take it easy and see what Moorhead has to offer project.

"Center avenue is the perfect corridor to at least not slow down traffic, but to create a more appropriate urban street." says Derrick.

Which Derrick explains to me is very beneficial to businesses and pedestrians alike, "It's more desirable for businesses to front on, more people can walk and bike and get around."

I also sat down for a chat with the engineer in charge of this project who tells me people have a little wait ahead of them.

"We'll bid it sometime this probably winter for construction in two thousand nineteen." says Bob Zimmerman.

Even though the official bid doesn't come in until this winter Zimmerman has an idea how much this project will cost, "We used some preliminary numbers for estimates, but ball park numbers... the overall cost is probably gonna be somewhere around a million dollars. "

Moorhead will pay for the majority of the project using city and state grant money, but homeowners will be responsible for about 15-percent of the costs.

At ten, we'll tell about the public's response to this project so far.