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A six pack for pop: when Fargo's craft beer week and father's day align

METRO—With Father's Day right around the corner, sometimes it can be hard to shop for dad.

But maybe this year, your safest bet is beer.

It's Fargo Craft Beer Week and coming up on Father's Day weekend there's the "Under Brew Skies Festival." 

Tents will be set up at Island Park in Fargo.

While there, you and dad can sample beers from different breweries around the area.

Junkyard Brewing also came into WDAY's studio on First News this morning and talked about a "six-pack for pop."

You can choose six different kinds of beers ranging from lighter ales to darker brews to create your own pack.

"I mean, who doesn't like beer? Beer's a great gift to give. It's like giving coffee or donuts or something. It's hard to go wrong with beer," said Junkyard Brewing co-founder, Aaron Juhnke.

For a full list of the breweries participating in Fargo's Craft Beer Week, click here