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Vandal takes down 25 trees using chainsaw

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WEST FARGO N.D.—The West Fargo Park District is a mission to find a vandal, who cut down tree limbs at North Elmwood Park.

The District believes the vandal used the rain as cover in yesterday's torrential downpour.

It happened sometime between 7am and 10am yesterday, at the storm's worst.

The District believes the vandal tore down the limbs using a chainsaw and left a mess afterwards in the park's shelter belt.

"It's not only so much the trees," said Executive Director, Barb Erbstoesser.

"It's somebody using a saw or chainsaw or whatever a device in public property. That is dangerous."

Erbstoesser says they've had vandalism in the past, but nothing to this extent.

"Somebody just came in and took this into their own hands and did it," said Erbstoeser. "I was just kind of puzzled. I thought maybe it was a mistake."

The District has put up 'Wanted' signs near the damage and on social media.

If you have any tips, you can call the West Fargo Park District at 701-433-5360.