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F-M Ambulance strategizes to keep response times up amid construction

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FARGO-MOORHEAD—Commuters aren't the only ones at the mercy of the orange obstacles; emergency responders are as well.

F-M Ambulance has several strategies for battling construction zones.

The garage uses high tech software to make sure as much as 95-percent of the metro is within nine minutes of an ambulance.

It tracks how long it takes to get somewhere, based on current conditions.

There's no substitute for good planning though.

F-M ambulance gameplans to avoid construction sites and says the combination of planning and technology keeps things running smoothly.

"We close down those intersection in the dispatch software so we can send the quickest vehicle. There's a difference between quickest and closest," said Don Martin, F-M Ambulance

F-M Ambulance says response times are roughly the same in the winter as they are during construction.