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Cone Zone: Work to begin on 10th St. N. in Fargo

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FARGO, N.D. — If you think there are already enough orange cones around the metro, get ready for another road project.

10th St. N. in Fargo is next.

Crews will break ground Tuesday, May 29.

It'll take out the curve between 8th and 10th Ave. near Roosevelt Elementary.

It'll also improve pavement and increase load capacity.

The project is expected to be finished around late September or early October.

If you need to get around this construction, University is the best detour.

"So, University, the contractors are going to be out there this week," says transportation engineer, Jeremy Gorden. "They have got to wipe all of the striping clean, obliterate all the striping, and stripe it as a three lane road, one lane each direction with a center left turn lane."

The project will cost around $7 million.